Tours de Canopy en Mindo Ecuador

That's Canopy is a new adventure sport whose main objective is to offer a single very different activity and ecological experience gliding from one point to another by horizontal cables with full safety equipment, thus being able to feel and experience the sensation of flying in addition to appreciate the scenery and nature from above. The equipment used consists of harnesses, carabiners, helmets, special gloves and pulleys that provide you all the necessary safety during travel.

Come to Mindo and enjoy a day of adventure

This takes place in a distance of 3500 meters away, where the flight by cables with short walks between the points of arrival and departure are combined. We have 10 different cables with lengths ranging from 80 meters. to 400 mts. These cables have different characteristics that allow tourists of all ages to enjoy different sensations and emotions in the way of our canopy. We have high quality equipment known worldwide, besides the company of trained guides throughout the tour enable us to provide safety, fun and pure adrenaline


The most diversity of animal and plant species in the Ecuadorian mountains in one place

Mindo is only an hour and a half from Quito (approx. 80 km or 48 miles) and is easily accessed using the Mitad de Mundo-Calacalí-Los Bancos highway. The turnoff to Mindo is on the left hand side of the road twenty minutes after the town of Nanegalito. Mindo is located between a high altitude zone and the rain forest, which gives it the characteristic frequent rain fall. The average temperature is between 16° and 22° C (61° and 72° F).

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